Italy Souvenirs 19 Special Italian Souvenirs and Momentos to Buy in Italy!

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Mozzarella: This young cheese is made from water buffalo milk, though cheaper versions use cow's milk. The cheese is creamy and high-fat, with a slight salty flavor. It's used fresh in salads (like caprese) and on pizza. The price starts from $6 per 1 kg (for the cow's milk version) and from $13 for 1 kg of Mozzarella di Bufala.

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One of the best things to bring back from Italy as a souvenir is a great big slab of cheese. And there are so many to choose from! Parmesan cheese, or Parmigiano Reggiano is the world famous hard cheese from Emilia Romagna. Mozzarella is the creamy softer cheese beloved on pizza.

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Handmade Shoes. One of the most popular souvenirs from the Amalfi Coast (or nearby spots like Capri) is to have a pair of leather sandals handmade for you onsite. T he tradition extends beyond the Amalfi Coast, and you'll find these souvenir options in Tuscany, as well.

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The best place to buy it is at Pattada at The Bottega di Torrone which is a famous shop that uses a 300 year old recipe. Espresso cups (Tazzina) - If you love coffee then you will have to agree that Italy knows what they are doing when it comes to espresso. Pick up an authentic espresso cup or two from its birthplace.

What to Buy in Italy 35+ Best Italy Souvenirs Our Escape Clause

1. Venetian Masks. Venetian masks are a great souvenir to bring back from Italy, mainly from Venice, where the tradition of mask-making dates back centuries. These elaborately decorated masks have a long history in Venice, where the masks were used during the Carnival of Venice.

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Top things to buy in Italy: Bracelets | top things to buy in italy. Souvenirs are always meaningful items after trips. Italy also has a lot of attractive souvenirs. Referring to souvenirs, it is impossible to forget an Italian bracelet with a light, simple and stylish design. Each store displays a wide range of designs to suit all fashion styles.

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Italian leather sandals from Positano. Italian Pecorino cheese from Pienza. Hand painted ceramics from Southern Italy. Local herbal liquor. Pastiglie Leone candies. Murrina - Italian jewels from Venice, Murano or Burano. Prepare a list of the best souvenirs from Italy before you leave for your trip!

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One of the best Italian gifts you could make for yourself or someone you love is a beautiful pair of sandals, high-heels, or Oxford dress shoes for men. 23. Watches. When it comes to beautiful Italian souvenirs online, and Milan Italy souvenirs, I really recommend you keep an eye on watches.

What to Buy in Italy 35+ Best Italy Souvenirs Our Escape Clause

7. Cured Meats. If you're a meat-lover or looking to surprise one, cured meats are the perfect souvenir from Italy to bring home. The majority of Italian cured meats are made from pork, though a few are made from beef. Can be eaten as a pizza topping, in a sandwich, as a snack or starter.

What to Buy in Italy 35+ Best Italy Souvenirs Our Escape Clause

Even the products used here, the brand called Eau d'Italie, with its wonderful packaging and use of local fragrances and products, were conceived by the owners' niece and nephew-in-law. The items.

What to Buy in Italy 35+ Best Italy Souvenirs Our Escape Clause

Sausages of Cinta Senese, prosciutto di Parma, mortadella from Bologna, Valtellina's bresaola, Lazio's norcineria and soppressata from Calabria are only some of Italy's famous cured meat. Used for cooking, starters or aperitifs, they make for great souvenirs from Italy to recreate at home your perfect Italian meal.

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While you could easily buy all these spices separately at home, many Italian grocery stores and butcher shops will sell spice packets that are mixed and ready to use in your favourite recipes. Spices are one of the easiest and least expensive foodie souvenirs from Italy to transport. 7. Traditional Balsamic Vinegar.

What to Buy in Italy 35+ Best Italy Souvenirs Our Escape Clause

There are so many Italian souvenirs to buy in Italy like olive oil, Italian wine and all sorts of elegant Italian gifts. Italy doesn't disappoint as this is a world-class souvenir shopping paradise. And here, we are not talking about postcards and plastic trinkets but excellent quality Italian accessories that everyone will want.

Italy Souvenirs 19 Special Italian Souvenirs and Momentos to Buy in Italy!

Locally-made perfumes are one of the best things to buy in Venice (or Italy overall). Just be careful bringing them home! In Venice, the aptly named The Merchant of Venice is a great place to head when looking for compelling fragrances. Gold Jewelry. Italy is world-famous for its exceptional gold jewelry, and Venice is a wonderful place to buy it!

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11 Best Souvenirs From Italy . Here are the top things to buy in Italy to commemorate your trip… 1. Paintings and sculptures. Italy is home to some of the world's most iconic art, from the Sistine Chapel's ceiling to Michelangelo's David. As a result, paintings and sculptures make excellent souvenirs from Italy.

What to Buy in Italy 35+ Best Italy Souvenirs Our Escape Clause

Pasta. Artisinal dried pasta is one of the simplest foodie Rome souvenirs to bring home: it's affordable, easy to transport, and easy to use. For Rome-specific shapes, keep an eye out for pastas like bucatini and rigatoni (I happen to love carbonara prepared with rigatoni, though it is a matter of preference).