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Spanish Thyme. Spanish thyme. Spanish thyme is another of our locally grown herbs. Its leaves are a little bigger than its cousin the fine leaf thyme . Also used in cooking and in seasoning meat or fish or what have you. Once treated well, a Spanish thyme plant can last for years even if planted in a pot.

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Drought tolerant once established, Cuban oregano thrives in containers, or in quick-draining soil in the garden or yard. C. amboinicus prefers soil with a pH between 6.0 and 7.5, grows best in partial shade, and may withstand full shade in hotter growing zones.. Plan to provide about four to six hours of sunlight every day, preferably in the morning, to keep the leaves from getting sunburned.

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Thymus mastichina, commonly called Mastic Thyme or Spanish Majoram, is a small, upright, intensely aromatic, evergreen shrub. It has small green leaves and fluffy balls of tiny white flowers and feathery calyces.. Propagation by seed. Thyme can be propagated by seed. Sow them in spring in a cold frame or the autumn in a greenhouse. The seeds.

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Thymus zygis (Spanish Thyme) Thymus zygis, commonly called Spanish Thyme, White Thyme or Red Thyme, is an aromatic evergreen shrub with a cushion form.It has small green leaves and spikes with spaced whorls of tiny creamy-white flowers. It is a drought-tolerant shrub native to the Mediterranean basin, specifically in Portugal, Spain and northern Morocco.

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Cuban oregano, Coleus amboinicus is a succulent herb that belongs to the same family as mint, thyme, and rosemary. It is also known as Mexican mint, Indian borage, or Spanish thyme. Although it has oregano in its name, it is completely different from the oregano (Mediterranean) that we find on the shelves of American supermarkets.

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Cuban oregano (Plectranthus amboinicus) is an herb of ambiguous origin and many names.Mexican mint, Spanish thyme, and Indian borage are just a few; some people even call it "Vicks plant," because its camphor and menthol aroma is similar to the cough salve.

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Thymol, responsible for the thyme-like scent, has shown antioxidant, anti-inflammatory, pain-relieving, antihyperlipidemic, antibacterial, antifungal, antiseptic and antitumor effects per this 2017 UAE study. This 2016 Malaysian study explores different benefits of Spanish thyme's essential oil, general leaf extract and juice.

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The seeds (nutlets) are smooth, pale-brown, roundish flattened, c. 0.7 by 0.5 mm (0.028 by 0.020 in).. hence the name Spanish thyme. Research. In basic research, the effects of the essential oil were tested with other plant essential oils for possible use as a mosquito repellant. Uses. The leaves are strongly flavoured. The herb is used.

How to Grow Thyme From Seed Plant Instructions

Cut a 4- to 6-inch cutting of new growth from the plant. Remove the leaves from the bottom half of the cutting and drop the cutting in a glass or jar of water—preferably a clear glass so you can see when it roots. Put it on a sunny windowsill and change the water every couple of days.

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Packet Size: 30mg. Average Seed Count: 100 Seeds. Add to Wishlist. Description. Additional Information. Thymus mastichina is a very special thyme, native in the mountains of the Iberian Peninsula, Central Spain and Portugal. It is known by a number of different common names including Spanish Marjoram, Spanish Wood Marjoram, White Thyme, Wild.

Spanish Thyme Seeds (,THYMUS zygis) Organic Perennial Herb

SPANISH THYME SEEDS. Thymus zygis. The traditional thyme of Spanish and Portuguese cookery. Native to the Iberian peninsula. Somewhat less hardy than Ayelet, and more pungent. Lovely creamy white flowers top compact upright 1' plants. Makes a potent dried herb for roasted winter vegetables and white bean soup. An excellent selection for edible.

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Explore the fascinating world of herbs with us! We have been growing our collection and hand harvesting our seed since 1989.

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Discover the unique flavors and diverse uses of Spanish Thyme (Coleus amboinicus) in this comprehensive guide. From its distinctive taste to culinary tips, explore recipes, storage advice, and uncover its medicinal benefits.

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Thanks to its distinctive taste, thyme has remained a culinary staple to this day. But thyme also boasts a slew of helpful medicinal qualities. Thyme's benefits include: fighting acne. lowering.