The New Purple M&M Wants Everyone to Feel Like They Belong Muse by Clio

New Purple M&M Candy Flavor, Character, Can You Find It In The Regular

NEWARK, NJ (September 28, 2022) - For the first time in a decade, M&M'S®, proudly part of Mars, is expanding its iconic crew with the introduction of a new character and spokescandy - meet Purple. Designed to represent acceptance and inclusivity, our newest member is known for her earnest self-expression. Keen self-awareness.

M&M's Adds First New Character in Over a Decade, a Purple Female M&M

M&Ms parent company Mars introduced their newest "spokescandy" on Sept. 28, the first time a new color has joined the lineup in over a decade. Purple, which joins Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, Blue.

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Purple is the first new M&M spokescandy in a decade, an attempt by the brand to keep up the momentum of the recent rebranding (and desexualization) of the entire M&M'S crew. The latest addition to the team of anthropomorphized candy mascots was announced by parent company Mars today, promoting "acceptance and inclusivity with her earnest self-expression, joining Green and Brown as a fellow.

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Sept. 28, 2022 11:29 a.m. PT. 2 min read. Purple was included in the original M&M's bag 81 years ago, but it was discontinued in 1949. Mars. M&M's is introducing a new color candy for the first.

The New Purple M&M Wants Everyone to Feel Like They Belong Muse by Clio

The news comes after M&M's revealed a new partnership with Lil Nas X, which features limited-edition M&M's packaging and candies that feature the rapper's face, butterflies and hearts in light pink, purple and blue.The pack reads, "Long Live Montero," in reference to Lil Nas' latest album. M&M's will donate $5, up to an additional $100,000, to Sing for Hope for every pack purchased.

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Meet the new M&M'S spokescandy! She's a little nervous about making her debut, but watch her find her voice with her first big musical number. Learn more abo.

New purple M&M candy isn't available in the regular bag of peanuts

M&M's introduces Purple candy mascot to celebrate acceptance, inclusivity. The Mars brand extended its crew of characters for the first time in a decade as part of a controversial refresh that drove impressions and consumer sentiment. M&M's today (Sept. 28) expanded its crew of characters with the introduction of Purple, a female, peanut M.

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M&M's announced that not only will Purple be featured on her first pack hitting stores in February 2023, but that pack will contain a brand new flavor: Caramel Cold Brew. M&M's. The new Caramel Cold Brew M&M's include a bold coffee flavor, chewy caramel, and the classic M&M's milk chocolate all coated in a candy shell.

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M&M's has a new "spokescandy" and she's joining the brand's iconic cast of characters. The new character - whose name is Purple - resembles a peanut M&M candy piece and she was designed.

Isabelle's Blog world of toy Pink & Purple M&m

Charles Guerin/Abaca/Sipa USA/AP Images. In September, M&M's — one of Mars Wrigley's candy brands — introduced a new female character, Purple. "Designed to represent acceptance and.

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The new M&M'S Easter Sundae candies "capture the essence of a real sundae" with white chocolate M&Ms, featuring the flavors of vanilla ice cream and cherry, covered in a dark chocolate fudge coating.

M&M's Introduces Purple Character with New Music Video Watch

The color purple is a huge attention-getter, especially when it's on the most delicious chocolate candy on the planet. Our new exclusive Purple Peanut M&M'S 2 lb Bulk Candy is the perfect party favor or table decoration for celebrations honoring a military vet who received a Purple Heart, or for a fun wine-tasting party with your besties, or for an LGBTQ event during Pride Month.

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M&M's Reveals First New Candy Character in a Decade to Celebrate Inclusivity. Tai Saint-Louis is a Haitian-born, Atlanta-based journalist & content development consultant. Over the course of her 20 year career she has contributed to Mass Appeal,,,, Creative Loafing, Scratch, XXL, The Source, Upscale Magazine.

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Longtime M&M's characters Blue and Yellow appear in the video to affirm Purple's status as a "purple-y peanut-shaped chocolate candy," and Yellow, Brown and Orange back Purple up in her confession.

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Purple's big debut is a 104-second YouTube video for her new song, "I'm Just Gonna Be Me" — an overtly self-aware introduction to the character voiced by comedian and talk show host Amber Ruffin.

M&M's Debuts Purple Candy, Its First New Color in 10 Years

M&M's revealed a purple spokescandy—and the new girl seems to fit right in. M&M's has been one of the best-known chocolates around since 1941. This candy began as something the U.S. Army could take with them without the fear of melting, and that's not even the most interesting fact about M&M's. This colorful, sugar-coated chocolate.