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Pineapple Breeze (SH) 39.6% / Top Shelf Exotic This tropical strain combines the potent and flavorful forces of parent strains Trainwreck and Hawaiian. The smell is likened to fresh apple and mango, with a taste of pineapple, pine, and cedar. This hard-hitting sativa-dominant hybrid provides a long-lasting energetic buzz perfect for productive afternoons and creative

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A robust sativa strain, Pineapple Breeze has a nose featuring aromas that include guava, mango, and pineapple, seamlessly blended with delicate notes of gas. A delightful multi-sensory experience with bursts of sour sweet candy and bright tropical flavors, this sativa strain does not disappoint. Pineapple Breeze's high brings about a state of.

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Caribbean Breeze is a refreshing citrisy cross by Seed Junky that takes the best characteristics of its parents Pineapple Fruz, Biscotti, and Sherb BX. This strain won an award at the 2022 Mid MO Canna Expo for a reason its light green well-structured buds are painted in frosty trichomes with hues of purple and orange pistols throughout.

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Pineapple Breeze Strain THCA - BL TOP SHELF. THCA Pineapple Breeze, often recognized as Pineapple Express, is a radiant blend of Trainwreck and Hawaiian strains. It boasts a fragrance reminiscent of fresh apple and mango, complemented by flavors of pineapple, pine, and cedar. This invigorating sativa-leaning hybrid delivers a lasting.

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Strains: Purple City Genetics Pineapple Breeze by WoodsonCult. Grow room 1, growing in . Harvest yield, seeds review, grow details.. Pineapple Breeze. Purple City Genetics. Drip Hydro. Nutrients. VEG. XS1500. x3 ViparSpectra. FLO. XS1500. x3 ViparSpectra. Cloudlab 642 Advance Grow Tent 4x2 (48" x 24" x 72")

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Estefan. Durban Biscotti. Swazey. Cuban Black Haze. Bombay Crush. Pineapple Breeze by Purple City Genetics strain and weed information. Cannabis grow journals, strain reviews by home growers, harvests and trip reports.

Pineapple Express Strain Information Cannafo Marijuana Cannabis

Delivering an uplifting sativa surge, Pineapple Breeze is perfect for those moments when you desire a burst of energy followed by a relaxing afterglow. With visually stunning buds that are coated in a crystalline glaze and display a kaleidoscope of vivid greens, pops of purple, and fiery orange hairs, Pineapple Breeze captures the essence of.

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Pineapple Fruz is a cannabis strain bred by Seed Junky Genetics from a cross of Animal Mints and Zkittlez. Specifically, it's an Animal Mints Bx1 x Z Bx1 where the 'Bx' stands for backcross.

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THC: 16% - 26%, CBD: 1 %. Though less famous than the Hollywood-inspired Pineapple Express, Pineapple is older, more influential, and, arguably, a better strain. It's definitely more potent: THC levels exceed 19% in some tests, while Pineapple Express tops out at roughly 16-26%. Pineapple's CBD levels, however, are nothing to write home about.

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this is my review of the THC a flower called pineapple breeze. this strain comes from a company called JK distro. I do not sell these products I only review them. if you are under 18 please leave my channel. I'll hemp products are 100% legal thanks to the farm bill. this is not my attempt to influence you to buy these products. this is only.

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Products. Pineapple Breeze. A strain specific cannabis extract. Check availability for Pineapple Breeze. Find information about the Pineapple Breeze Cartridge such as potency, common effects, and where to find it.

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Pain. Caribbean Breeze is a sativa weed strain made from a genetic cross between Alien Orange Cookies and Sunset Sherbert. This strain is 60% sativa and 40% indica. Caribbean Breeze is a tropical.

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Pineapple, also known as "Pineapple OG," is a hybrid marijuana strain developed by a phenotype of Ed Rosenthal's Super Bud (ERSB). Pineapple provides stress relief and is known to leave.

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Pineapple Breeze Strain. Dive into the paradise of Pineapple Breeze, the delightful sativa strain that seamlessly blends Pineapple and Trainwreck, bringing a tropical escape directly to your senses. As you immerse yourself, rest assured that Pineapple Breeze will take care of the rest, enveloping you with relaxing, euphoric, and focused effects

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Pineapple Breeze is a cross of original genetics created in part by Swamp Boys Seeds collaborator, Cornbread Ricky. This strain is a synthesis of Cornbread Ricky's McFly strain (Sour Queen x Cinderella 99) and SBS's Orange Blossom Trail. Pineapple Breeze emits an uplifting tropical aroma that calls out to sunny days and long afternoons. The buzz is happy and inspiring, elevating the mood.

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Thca pineapple breeze, often recognized as pineapple express, is a radiant blend of trainwreck and hawaiian strains. It boasts a fragrance reminiscent of fresh apple and mango, complemented by flavors of pineapple, pine, and cedar. This invigorating sativa-leaning hybrid delivers a lasting energetic sensation, ideal for productive activities and sparking creativity.