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The mysterious Gatsby was renowned for throwing extravagant parties at his mansion every weekend. "The Great Gatsby" is a classic piece of American literature, telling the story of Nick Carraway, whose life changes when he meets his affluent neighbor, Jay Gatsby. While we don't all own lavish estates, that's no reason we can't all host delightful Gatsby-themed parties.

20 Great Gatsby Party Themes & Ideas That Will Take You Back in Time

For this Great Gatsby themed party I absolutely recommend playing up the black and gold for the highest amount of glamor possible. Garlands, streamers, and glitter backdrops are all totally DIYable and you can get inexpensive gold and black party ware from places like Hang old fashioned globe lights around the house and backyard.

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Great Gatsby-Themed Party Ideas: Set your party clock back to 1920. The best place to start is the beginning! When guests arrive, have them go through a hidden entranceway that they must find to gain access to the party. This can be as simple as having them enter through a side door or could be as fun as going through a fake phone booth or fake.

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Feather-trimmed sleeves or feathery shoes are a fun, festive accent to wear to any Great Gatsby themed party. 20. Blush Pink, Royal Purple, Silver or Gold. Whatever you feel most comfortable wearing, you can still fit in at a Great Gatsby themed party with a fabulous jewel-toned or silver and gold outfit.

20 Great Gatsby Party Themes & Ideas That Will Take You Back in Time

A 1920s Great Gatsby party is a great theme to set your event apart from the rest. Find out more about our huge range of 1920s/Gatsby Entertainment here!. Create a Great Gatsby Party Welcome. Set a sophisticated scene when your guests arrive with drinks served by 1920s themed Champagne dress hostesses. Dressed in flapper-style dresses, they.

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The Great Gatsby party theme leans heavily into jazz, dancing, and artistic flair. Complete your Art Deco party decor with music that'll have guests grooving all night long. Jazz, blues, swing, and Broadway music are all styles relevant to the decade. Choose music from these genres and your guests will be dancing late into the night.

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Gatsby-worthy Attire. One of the most exciting aspects of a Great Gatsby party is the fashion. Encourage your guests to dress to the nines in classic 1920s style. Mention the dress code in your invitations, and provide some inspiration for both men and women. Think flapper dresses, tuxedos, feathered headbands, and bow ties.

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A Great Gatsby themed party would be incomplete without a few allusions to the dominant style of the era. Shimmering foil decorations, twinkling table runners, and hanging paper lanterns are all fun ways to incorporate an Art Deco appeal into your event.

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5 | Hang balloons from the ceiling. Hanging decorations from the ceiling is one of my favorite ways to add drama to party decor. (And Gatsby was definitely about the drama!) These balloons make everyone look up as soon as they walk in the door, and create an atmosphere that's hard to forget. via

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Corporate Events. Birthdays. Baby Showers. Fundraisers. More Celebrations. For Pros. Grab a French 75, and get ready to party like it's 1920 as we share our favorite Great Gatsby party themes and installations on PartySlate.

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Raw Oysters with Mignonette Gelee. Christopher Baker. Oysters Rockefeller were all the rage during the 1920s, but we think your party guests will prefer these oysters, which are served raw and flavored with sweet Champagne, shallots, and ginger. Get the Raw Oysters with Mignonette Gelee Recipe. 09 of 12.

20 Great Gatsby Party Themes & Ideas That Will Take You Back in Time

Great Gatsby Party Supplies 89. Great Gatsby Themed Plasticware. Black and gold plates and napkins fit right in with the 1920s color scheme. Plastic plates and utensils are also recommended for large parties because they require no dishwashing and are easy to clean up. You can specifically use Art Deco-inspired tableware at your Great Gatsby party.

20 Great Gatsby Party Themes & Ideas That Will Take You Back in Time

If you're planning a Great Gatsby-themed party, here are some key elements to make it a success. The first step is to set the scene with the right decor. Think opulent and glamorous, with plenty of gold and sparkle. Art Deco elements like geometric patterns and metallics will also help to create the right look. For your guests' attire.

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Ultimate Great Gatsby Party Planning Guide. By Kim Anderson April 26. "In his blue gardens, men and girls came and went like moths among the whisperings and the champagne and the stars.". The Great Gatsby was an enchanting book and a beautiful piece of cinematography that entranced us. From the art deco design to the glittering beadwork, we.

Great Gatsby Candy Buffet Gatsby birthday party, Gatsby party

Creating a 1920's Great Gatsby Themed Party. A 1920's Great Gatsby themed party is not complete without attention to detail. Serve classic cocktails of the era like mint juleps and gin rickeys, and consider catering with hors d'oeuvres that reflect the culinary style of the time. To truly immerse your guests, you might even screen silent.

My Great Gatsby Themed Birthday Party Pretty Little Hangers

Hosting a "The Great Gatsby"-themed party is the perfect excuse to go all out, so minimalists may want to steer clear. More is truly more when it comes to a Great Gatsby theme, and the more extravagant the decorations, the better. Veer towards excess, and fill your space with art deco delights: iridescent streamers, metallic balloons, lots.