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See below for a few tips on juicing. Mix the sugar with 1 cup warm water. No simple syrup necessary! All you have to do is mix sugar into warm water and it dissolves. Add the cold water and lemon juice, and some ice. Cool it back down by adding cold water, lime juice and some ice. Voila: homemade lemonade!

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7. Gin. Gin alone is crisp, light, and refreshing, so you will surely love to combine it with lemonade. Since it is a versatile liquor, you can combine it with a different mixer or create different cocktail recipes like Sparkling Basil Lemonade. It is sweet-tart, fun, easy, and refreshing to drink recipe, especially on summer days.

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Vodka Lemonade. Step 1 In a pitcher with ice, mix the lemonade (invest in higher-quality lemonade that leans on the natural side) with the vodka and simple syrup. Step 2 Fill a highball glass (or.

Jameson Irish Lemonade Maine Spirits

Cut in half lengthwise, and squeeze into a liquid measuring cup. Add pulp to the juice, but discard any seeds. Continue juicing until you have 1 1/2 cups fresh juice and pulp. Dotdash Meredith Food Studios. Pour 7 cups ice-cold water into a pitcher. Stir in lemon juice and pulp, then add simple syrup to taste. Add ice.

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Fill the glass with ice and stir. Garnish with lemon slices. Serving: 8. Drinkability Score: 9/10. 4. Pink Vodka Lemonade Cocktail. On hot summer days, the Pink Vodka Lemonade cocktail recipe elevates. Cranberry, lime, Sprite, vodka, and coconut rum fuse into a tropical, stunningly delicious drink. Prep Time: 10 mins.

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RELATED: We've previously explained the boozy lemonade trend in this article.. Suntory-196 Double Lemon | Image: Dan Murphy's 1. Suntory-196 Double Lemon. Price: from AU$45.95 / case of 10. Pros: The key is that it's made with real fruit using Suntory's patented freeze-crush infusion technology.Instead of generic, synthetic, fake-tasting lemon flavour, -196 Double Lemon is made with.

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Here are a handful of ways to get creative with this Brazilian drink and tailor it to your liking. Feel free to play around with the ingredients to create a one-of-a-kind drink. Mint: Add some muddled mint leaves at the bottom of the glass. Then pour over your limeade and stir and drink. Lemon Lime Soda: Want a bubbly lemonade? In a glass.

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10. Green juice. Veliavik/Shutterstock. Lemonade is inherently sweet and tangy. Green juice is herbaceous and savory. When combined, you create an earthy, energizing delight. A glass of juice made.

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Steps. Fill a rocks glass with ice, then add the gin and lemonade and stir briefly to combine. Garnish with a lemon wheel. Tom Collins. 441 ratings. When the mercury rises, it's officially time for lemonade. Even better, try this duo of gin and tart lemonade over ice to beat the heat.

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13. Spiked Berry Lemonade. Berries, raspberry lemonade, lemon-lime soda, wine, and vodka join forces to make a berry luscious cocktail. There's no limit to the type of berries you can add to this drink. Strawberries, blackberries, raspberries - you name it. 14.

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Meet the ultimate spring and summer brunch drink—feel free to use either regular lemonade or pink strawberry lemonade to make these extra special. Get the Lemonade Mimosas recipe . 3

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Strawberry Lemonade Cocktail. Strawberry lemonade cocktails combine vodka, water, lemon juice, ginger simple syrup, and strawberries to create a refreshing berry-flavored drink. You'll also get a hint of citrus and some spiciness from the ginger. The drink is a little time-consuming to make, as you'll need to make strawberry-infused vodka.

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17. Deep Eddy Lemonade Vodka Spritzer. The Deep Eddy Lemonade Vodka Spritzer is a perfect summer drink that is easy to make and refreshing. This cocktail is a combination of Deep Eddy lemonade vodka, lemon seltzer water, and garnished with rosemary. It's a great drink to sip on while reading a book or lounging outside.

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Steps. Add the Jack Daniel's, triple sec, lemon juice and simple syrup into a shaker with ice and shake until well-chilled. Strain into a highball glass filled with ice. Top with the lemon-lime soda and stir gently and briefly to combine. Garnish with a lemon wedge.

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Instructions. Make the fresh lemonade. (Refrigerate the pitcher for later use, or make the "By the glass" variation.) In a glass, pour in the lemonade and bourbon. Add ice and garnish with fresh mint and a cocktail cherry. (If you like bubbly drinks, you can always top off with soda water or ginger ale.)

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Mix the lemonade: Pour the juice and the simple syrup sugar water into a serving pitcher. Add 2 to 3 cups of cold water and taste. Add more water if you would like it to be more diluted (though note that when you add ice, it will melt and naturally dilute the lemonade). If the lemonade is a little sweet for your taste, add a little more.