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A 'must' is the Swedish word for a type of fermented juice, although non-alcoholic. Julmust was invented in 1922 as an alternative to the dark porters often drunk at the winter time. The original recipe stems from Germany. It was invented by a chap called Harry Roberts - and the original very secret recipe is still safeguarded by the.

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Julmuss's Journey of Julmust. Julmust's origins date back to the early 20th century when alternative drinks that did not contain alcohol were sought after. Harry Roberts, a soda producer, developed this unique beverage in 1910 based upon a recipe that came from Germany It quickly became popular due to its delicious mix of malt, hops, and.

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The closely guarded recipe for Julmust is exclusively owned by Roberts AB, and while most of its ingredients are kept under wraps, there are a few known flavorings within the concoction. In addition to sugar and water, Julmust includes hop extract and malt, which contribute to its distinct flavor profile. However, the precise blend of spices.

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Before we get into the niche Nordic beverage, let's first talk about the name julmust. In Swedish, jul (pronounced "YOU-le") means Christmas and must translates to juice. Technically, it's juice slated for alcoholic fermentation and, in actuality, there isn't even any of it in the soda! When julmust was invented by Harry Roberts (don.

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Place the ham in a large pot and pour in the julmust along with the onion, peppercorns and bay leaf. If the liquid doesn't reach the top of the pot, top up with water. 2. Bring to the boil and then simmer steadily for 40 minutes per kg. After the cooking time, turn off the heat and allow to cool in the liquid. 3.

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The Julmust recipe is a well-kept secret. Although some of the basic ingredients are revealed, the spices that make the taste of Julmust original are only known to few people in the closest circles in the Company. A glass of tasty Swedish Julmust / Photo credit .

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Its exact recipe remains a closely guarded secret. The soda is almost impossible to find in stores outside the holiday season, but during this brief window, Julmust becomes incredibly popular.

Julmust The Swedish Christmas beverage Moz Sweden

'Julmust' is a spiced soft drink that contains, among other things, hops and malt. It all started in 1910, in the Swedish city of Örebro when Harry Roberts, chemist and heir to a family soft drink company, introduced 'julmust' as an non-alcoholic alternative to the popular Christmas beer.. The drink quickly became a classic, but the recipe.

Julmust The Swedish Christmas beverage Moz Sweden

Julmust recipe. Describing the taste of julmust is hard. The recipe is a closely guarded secret, and no one knows the exact ingredients. In fact, rumor has it that the original recipe is safely locked away in a vault, accessible to only a few selected individuals! What we do know is that the julmust syrup contains hops, malt, and a blend of.

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Julmust is a soft drink that is the only available in Sweden around mid-November and into the Christmas season. The drink was invented in the 1900s as an alternative to beer for the young ones at Christmas.. The recipe was first published in 1940 and quickly became one of the most popular recipes for the Christmas Julbord. View this post on.

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First course: The herrings. This is one of the most exciting courses for those enjoying a Christmas table. Pickled herring is a staple in Swedish cuisine and during the holidays can be found in.

Jouluisa Julmust olut Resepti

Julmust (Swedish: jul "Christmas" and must English: 'must' "not-yet-fermented fruit juice") is a soft drink that is mainly consumed in Sweden around Christmas.During Easter, the name is påskmust (from påsk, "Easter").During the rest of the year, it is sometimes sold under the name must.The content is the same regardless of the marketing name, and the drink is most closely associated with.

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The recipe for the Julmust is a well kept secret and is only known by a few persons at Roberts AB. Roberts AB delivers the Julmust extract to more or less the complete Julmust market in Sweden. Besides being the supplier of Julmust extract in Sweden Roberts AB also supplies other flavors for the soda industry.

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Julmust (Jul means Christmas) is must-try soft drink in Christmas time in Sweden. And you'll learn that Christmas time here begins around mid-November… so you cannot miss it! If for some reasons you can't drink it in the winter festivity, no problem: you have another chance. At Easter you find it named as påskmust (Påsk means Easter.


the Journey of Julmust. Julmust's origins are traced back to the early 20th century when options that didn't contain alcohol were sought by. Harry Roberts, a soda producer, reinvented the unique beverage 1910 based on the recipe that originated from Germany and soon became popular due its delicious mix of hops, malt, and other spices.

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History of Julmust: the recipe belongs to the Roberts family. But what are the real origins of the Julmust? Surely many of you will ask. Well the original recipe was devised by the Roberts family around the year 1910. His intention was none other than that of create a drink that serves to liven up the Christmas tablecloths without the need for.