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Place a towel in the mixing bowl and store the attachments on top of it. You don't want to end up with scratches on your brand-new bowl or the nylon coating of your attachments chipping off. This works fine if you only have a handful of attachments, although not ideal if you have a larger collection.

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Stand mixers are essential to any maker's kitchen. Plus, they can be a fun addition to your decor - offered in a range of colors as unique as you. Depending.

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Source. Storage Idea #3. Rolling cart. If you have a lot of small kitchen appliances, consider storing them all in one place on a rolling appliance cart. This way, you can keep your mixer out of the way when you're not using it, but easily roll it out when you need it. Storage Idea #4. Garage it.

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For an easy and organized process, store your stand mixer with your other baking supplies. 2. PULLOUT DRAWER. Pullout drawers are customizable cabinet features. It is more convenient and easy to access this storage solution over simple cabinet storage, since the stand mixer can be pulled out of a lower cabinet and easily accessed.

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To attach the bowl, turn the speed control to OFF and unplug your stand mixer. Put the bowl-lift handle in the DOWN position and position the bowl supports over the locating pins. Press down on the back of the bowl until you hear the pin snap into the spring latch. You should get an audible "snap" if done correctly.

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1. Make sure your stand mixer is properly maintained. If it's not working properly, then it's not safe to store it in your house. 2. Make sure the area you want to store your stand mixer is dry and well ventilated. If it gets too humid or hot, then mold will start to grow on the machine and on the floor where it's stored. 3.

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Rev-A-Shelf Full Height Base Cabinet Heavy Duty Mixer Lift, $87: This spring-loaded system can hold up to 60 pounds and is far sturdier than a lot of other options on the market. Rev-A-Shelf Appliance Lift with Soft-Close Mechanism, $159: Is the soft-close function worth the extra money?

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If not, tuck it away into a closet or pantry. Install an appliance lift! This is our favorite idea because it allows you to hide your mixer, while still making it easily accessible to use. Rev-A-Shelf sells a heavy-duty mixer lift ($154) that you can install yourself, like flickr user Loren Owensby did.

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Step 2: Detaching and Storing Attachments. After cleaning the attachments, it's important to detach them from the mixer before storing. This step will not only help save space but also prevent any damage or misplacement of the attachments during storage. Start by removing the bowl from the mixer.

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Hang them on hooks. When it comes to your stand mixer attachments, take a cue from Kitty Cat Stevens and hang those attachments — dough hook, beater blade, wire whip — right on the wall. Keep it close to the mixer and you'll be able to just grab what you need, when you need it! (Image credit: Julie Blanner)


You'd rather give up lower cabinet space than countertop space, or you want to use your mixer on an island in the middle of the room. Open the cabinet door and — voilà — you can pull the mixer up and out with ease, do your mixing right on the shelf it sits on, then stash it away when you're done.

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First, Countertop is the perfect place to store your stand mixer; it is easy to access. Make a Style Statement: The first thing is, we all know that nowadays, a range of colors are available on the stand mixer, so while purchasing the mixer, the buyer should check its color pattern, whether it matches their kitchen theme or not.. Location:

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Unplug the stand mixer: Before you begin cleaning, make sure to unplug the stand mixer for safety. Remove any attachments: Take off any attachments such as the mixing bowl, beaters, or dough hooks. Refer to your stand mixer's user manual for specific instructions on detaching these parts.

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To attach your beater, whip or dough hook: Turn speed control to OFF and unplug the mixer. Locate the beater shaft under you mixer's head. Line up the pin on the shaft with notch on the accessory and slide it over the shaft and up as far as possible. Turn the accessory to the right until it is secure.

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STORE YOUR STAND MIXER. Whether you have limited counter space, or need to store your mixer, it is best to keep it resting upright, as opposed to storing it on its side. There are some really good storage ideas commonly used by other Makers, including these three: 1. BAKING CABINET.

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Turn the speed control to OFF and unplug the stand mixer. Slide the lever to the unlock position and tilt the head of the mixer back. Remove the flat beater, wire whip or dough hook by pushing up, turning clockwise and pulling downward. Turn the bowl counterclockwise until you feel it detach from the bowl-clamp plate.