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Where Is The Filter On My Ge Washing Machine00:24 - How do I clean my GE top load washer?00:42 - Where is washing machine filter top loader no agitator?01:08.

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Regularly cleaning your top-load washer is a great way to help eliminate odors, and keep your washer looking new. It's something you may not have considered.

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To clean the pump filter: At the bottom back of the washer, place a towel on the floor under the filter cap to catch any water that may flow out. Turn the filter cap counter-clockwise and pull to remove. Water may begin to flow out. Remove any objects and lint from the housing and filter. Replace the filter by aligning its guide rib with the.

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Where Is The Filter On My Ge Washing Machine00:22 - How do I clean the filter on my top loader washing machine?00:43 - How do I know if my washing machine fi.

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GE 4.6 cu. ft. Capacity Washer with Sanitize w/Oxi and FlexDispense™. GTW725. FlexDispense™. QuietWash. Dual-action agitator. Sanitize with Oxi. View these Washers. GE Appliances is the proud recipient of the Good Housekeeping Seal for the first and only front load washer with the UltraFresh Vent System with OdorBlock™.

GE Top Load Washer Start Button Replacement WH01X10088 YouTube

Here are the steps to clean the filter on a GE top load washer: 1. Locate the lint filter on the side of the wash basket. It is usually blue in color and can be easily unclipped from the side of the wash basket. 2. Gently push down on the top of the filter to unclip it from the wash basket. 3.

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The quickest way to locate the filter on your machine is by consulting its owner's manual. If you no longer have access to the owner's manual, here are a few places to look for the filter: In the front of the unit behind a small hatch. At the end of the drainage hose. Under the cover of your center agitator.

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Dip a scrub brush in the soaking solution and scrub the inside of the center agitator. Replace the filter. To clean a fixed mesh or water pump filter: Locate the filter. Use a damp microfiber cloth or paper towel to wipe away any trapped lint. Dip a soft-bristled brush in heated vinegar and scrub the mesh.

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Remember, to keep your GE top load washer functioning correctly, it's essential to perform regular maintenance. Clean the drum, filters, and dispensers regularly, and avoid overloading the washer. GE Top Load Washer Won't Drain. If your GE top load washer won't drain, it can be frustrating and can potentially cause water damage.

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GE Appliances offers washers that are smart and stylish. Explore our top load washing machines with innovative features and sleek designs that enhances your home interior. Just fill our top loading washer and select the settings you prefer such as SmartDispense™, Eco Cold, and Auto Soak to create your customized laundry solutions.


Pull down the pour spout. Turn the pump filter counterclockwise and remove the filter. Open slowly to allow the water to drain. Clean the debris from the filter. Replace the filter and turn clockwise. Tighten securely. Flip up the pour spout. Close the access door. Here is a video about cleaning the pump filter on Front Load Washers:

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For top-load washers, a leak from the top could be due to oversudsing or overloading (both of which are easily resolved), whereas a leak from the bottom could suggest an issue with the water pump. For front-load washing machines, a front leak could be caused by a damaged or dirty door seal, but a bottom leak is more likely to be caused by a.

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Use an old toothbrush, sponge, rag, and/or cotton swabs to clean any parts of the filter that are still dirty, using a solution of mild dish soap and warm water, or a solution of half water and.

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Top Load Washer Filtering Systems 2001 and Newer. The Fine Mesh filters were removed from under the agitator when it was found that a better pump and larger holes in the hub under the agitator did a better job of removing lint and preventing clogs in the drain system. The drain system allows water to flow through the basket and out the bottom of the tub pulling lint, hair and small particles.

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To clean the filter on your GE front load washer, follow these steps: Remove the filter, clean it with warm water, reinsert it, and run a clean cycle. Cleaning the filter regularly helps maintain the performance of your washer and prevent clogging issues. Now let's dive into the details. Front load washers are known for their efficiency and.