Earl Grey vs. Lady Grey What's the Difference? ArtfulTea

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Our list of Lady Grey's vs. Earl Grey's main differences is as follows: Earl Grey tea is primarily different from Lady Grey tea in that Twinings blends bergamot oil more lightly with lemon and orange peel. About 200 years ago, Earl Grey was created, while Lady Grey has a relatively short history. English teas both originated in England.

Earl Grey vs. Lady Grey What's the Difference? ArtfulTea

The Ingredients of Lady Grey Tea. Lady Grey features a black tea base, orange peel, lemon peel, and a hint of bergamot, for a fruiter version of Earl Grey. Classic Lady Grey is made from bergamot oil, lemon, and orange peels. However, the loose-leaf and Discovery Collection (Orangery of Lady Grey) also includes cornflowers and citrus flavouring.

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HISTORY OF LADY GREY TEA. While Lady Grey is a relatively new type of tea blend, the name itself has roots deep in British history. It all began with tea enthusiast Earl Charles Grey, a British Prime Minister from 1830-1834 who is most famously known as the author of the Reform Bill of 1832 and the Slavery Abolition Act of 1833.

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Earl Grey vs Lady Grey: Similarities. Both Earl Grey and Lady Grey teas are: Bergamot-flavoured. True teas. Types of black tea. Contain caffeine. What is Earl Grey tea? Earl Grey is a classic blend made from black tea flavoured with bergamot essential oil. Bergamot orange is a small citrus fruit, that mainly grows in the Mediterranean.

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Lady Grey is the newer tea out of the two. This blend was been created by Twinings in the early 1990s and named after the wife of Earl Charles Grey, Lady Mary Elizabeth Grey. Some tea drinkers, especially in the Nordic market, found the classic earl grey blend to be too strong. So, the lady grey blend was made and quickly became popular to many.

Earl Grey vs. Lady Grey What's the Difference? ArtfulTea

Lady Grey tea is a trademark flavour of Earl Grey created by Twinings in the early 1990s. As the traditional Earl Grey was too strong in flavour for the Nordic market, Lady Grey tea was created with the addition of lemon and orange peel. Some variations include cornflower petals.

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Both Lady Grey Tea and Earl Grey tea are black teas flavored with Bergamot essential oil. The difference is that Lady Grey tea also includes orange and lemon peel, and Earl Grey Tea does not. Lady Grey is also a trademarked tea made by Twinings, whereas several tea companies make Earl Grey. There are other subtle differences between these teas.

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Idea and composition. Lady Grey tea is a variety of tea which was created by Twinings in the early 1990s and named after Mary Elizabeth Grey, the wife of Charles Grey, 2nd Earl Grey to appeal to Northern European markets, which apparently found Earl Grey tea too strong in flavour. [1] The name is trademarked to Twinings. [2]

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Lady Grey and Earl Grey teas are both popular blends that feature the distinctive flavor of bergamot oil. While Earl Grey tea is well-known for its bold and robust flavor, Lady Grey tea offers a more delicate taste with subtle hints of fruit and floral notes. Both blends are made with black tea and bergamot oil, but Lady Grey tea also includes additional citrus flavors and cornflower petals.

Earl Grey vs. Lady Grey What's the Difference? ArtfulTea

Earl Grey vs Lady Grey: General Overview. Through the years, tea drinking became a part of various cultures, prompting innovative ideas in the flavor. Among those are Earl Grey and Lady Grey, which evolved from black tea. Earl Grey. Earl Grey is a subcategory of black tea flavored with bergamot. It was named after British Prime Minister Earl.

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Lady Grey is a trademarked variety of Earl Grey. It came into the scene in the early 1990s as a product of Twinings. Although these teas are very similar, Lady Grey is considered to be targeted towards those who find Earl Grey to be a bit too intense for their taste. It came as a softer variation and quickly became very popular.

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Health benefits of Earl Grey and Lady Grey tea: Both teas contain antioxidants that can help boost the immune system and protect against chronic diseases. Additionally, Earl Grey tea is known for its potential to improve digestion, reduce anxiety, and aid in weight loss. Lady Grey tea, on the other hand, is often favored for its refreshing and.

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What Flavors Are in Earl Grey vs Lady Grey Tea. Both Earl Grey and Lady Grey teas are made with black tea leaves and the main difference between the two is that Earl Grey tea often has a much stronger and bolder flavor than Lady Grey tea.. In fact, the Nordic dislike of such a strongly flavored tea is what inspired the Twinings company to create Lady Grey tea in the early nineties.

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On the other hand, Lady Grey tea is a more recent addition to the world of teas and was introduced by Twinings in the early 1990s. Named after Mary Elizabeth Grey, the wife of Earl Grey, this tea blend was created as a lighter, more fragrant variation of the original Earl Grey. Like Earl Grey, Lady Grey tea is primarily made from black tea leaves.

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Lady Grey Tea vs. Earl Grey Tea. So, when you compare the best Earl Grey tea to the top Lady Grey options, what is the real difference? Well, as with Earl Grey tea, Lady Grey is a black tea that has been flavored with bergamot as well. However, Lady Grey contains flavors of other citrus fruits as well. This includes Seville oranges and lemon.

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Lady Grey is a subtle blend, which uses more citrus. On the other hand, Earl Grey is a more intense flavor. As a result, some people prefer to drink them at different times of the day. The other significant difference is the ownership of the name. Lady Grey is owned and trademarked by Twinnings while Earl Grey isn't.