7 Most Bizarre Laws In France A train

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France has more than 10.000 laws, 125.000 decrees, 7.500 treaties and 17.000 community texts currently in action, so there's bound to be something for everyone! A large majority of these laws were passed over two hundred years ago, some are enough to give us a good laugh:

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In the event of non-compliance with crazy French laws, the parties understand that they may be subject to penalties, fines, or other legal consequences as stipulated by the relevant French authorities. 5. Dispute Resolution: Any disputes arising interpretation application contract resolved arbitration accordance laws France.

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Thanks to Article 311-12 of the French penal code, a 200-year-old law from 1810, ascendants (parents), descendants (children) and spouses who are not separated or legally living apart have immunity from the law if they steal from another family member. It's illegal to disinherit your children in France.


Strikes are seasonal in France and completely normal. Strikes, or "grèves" in French, have a long and storied history in France, dating back to the 19th century. Here are some interesting facts about strikes in France: France is known for having a relatively high rate of strike activity compared to other countries.

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8 Weird Laws in France. 1. It's illegal to kiss on railway tracks in France. Yes, you read that correctly. It's illegal to kiss on railway tracks in France. This law was enacted to prevent people from putting themselves in danger by being on railway tracks. So if you're planning a romantic date in France, make sure it's not on railway.

The most ridiculous french laws that you won't believe still exist in

Between embarrassment, laughter, and surprise, here is a selection of laws which at least make for a good laugh. 1 - It is forbidden to kiss (embrace) on railroad tracks or in train stations! This ban would come from a time when lovers kissing at departure prevented the train from leaving on time. With TGV and other high-speed train, and the.

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France's commitment to culture, history and language has resulted in many bizarre laws being introduced over time, many of which still exist today. From laws on music to protect the French language to kissing on train platforms to protect train timetables, each one of these strange seeming measures began with some meaning behind it.

7 Most Bizarre Laws In France A train

Of all the strange French laws that emerged during the early period of legal codification, a rule permitting meddlesome parents to block marriages is, perhaps, the most contentious. Article 173 in Book 1 of the civil code was apparently intended to strengthen the family unit. Instead, the law proved more effective at alienating loved ones, so.

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The SNCF (French railways) got tired of the delays caused by couples kissing their farewells on platforms. Thus was born this weird French law that prohibits making out once the train has pulled up to the station. No worries, you probably won't get arrested - or even scolded - for frenching your goodbyes in Gare du Nord.

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In France, you are allowed a maximum of .5mg/ml of alcohol per litre in your blood. This is stricter than in the UK, where it is .8mg/ml, but not nearly as strict as other countries like Sweden.

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10 Weird Laws You'll Find in French Cities. Another journey through the quirky, bizarre and funny local ordinances in Europe. This week, we're continuing our journey to the wild world of European local weird laws. So weird indeed that their quirkiness might actually act as a marketing draw to a destination if they become widely known among.

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You CAN marry the dead. In December 1959, the Malpasset Dam in southern France burst and more than 420 people drowned. Among them was the fiancé of a pregnant woman named Irène Jodard. To assuage her grief, President Charles de Gaulle drafted a law that authorized the couple's marriage. The president retains this power so long as there's.

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This article offers a curated selection of weird and bizarre laws found in some French municipalities.

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So Much Cheese: France makes 1,600 kinds of cheese. Kiss Rule: You can't kiss here because it's against the law in France to kiss at train stops. Trains that are always full: The Paris Gare du Nord station is the busiest in Europe. Long Train Tracks: France's train tracks are very spread out.

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21 weird, strange, crazy, funny and unusual French laws and why they exist. 1) It's perfectly legal to marry a dead person in France. History of posthumous marriages in France. 2) It was illegal for women to wear pants in Paris until 2013. The Paris trouser ban was amended twice a century after it was created.

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France like most countries has its own share of seemingly crazy laws and decrees. You've probably heard about the one which says it is against the law to name a pig Napoleon in France or the law.