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10. "Material Borg" At the bottom of the list is "material borg," an obvious play on "material girl." It's funny, but a bit overdone. I'll admit—the first time I saw the sharpied words, I let out a little chuckle. But by the end of the day, I had seen ten different renditions of "material borg."

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If you haven't heard about "borgs," let's do a quick rundown on what they are! The word "BORG" stands for blackout rage gallon. They are essentially one of the latest college party trends.. Related: The Ultimate Guide to Finding the Best Parties in College Borgs gained popularity last year with Gen Z college students mainly via TikTok and Snapchat now has become a huge trend on.

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Borgs are such a fun way to go to parties in college! To make yourself a borg, all you need is a gallon jug of water, sharpies, and some *special* drinks. Once you decide what you want to put in your borg, you can dump out some of the water and fill up the jug. Then, the fun part is getting to name your borg something funny.

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Creative Borg Names Ideas. The line between creative and funny can be blurry but still have some Borg name ideas to fill in. Here are 40 creative names for borg you should try at your next Borg party. 41. Cyborgerfly. A robotic butterfly flutters through the digital realm.

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Introducing, The Borg — aka, the "blackout rage gallon.". ICYMI, a Borg is a popular party drink amongst 21+ college folks that involves mixing liquor, drink flavoring, and energy drinks into a gallon jug of water. The purpose of the Borg is to keep you hydrated while you consume alcohol — avoiding hangovers, headaches, and all of the.

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Set off a lemon-lime citrus explosion in your BORG. Dump out ⅓ of your plastic gallon jug of water and add 8 fl oz (237 mL) of citrus vodka. Mix in 2 packets of your favorite lemonade powdered drink mix and a packet of lemon-flavored electrolyte powder, close up the jug, and shake it until it fully dissolves.

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The Borg are cybernetic organisms, linked together in a collective consciousness called "the hive mind", which assimilate other species into their own. The Borg use advanced technology, including computer-like implants, to achieve their goals. The Borg have been described as one of the most feared and powerful enemies in the Star Trek universe.


Kareem Abdul Ja-Borg. Mark Zucker-Borg. Certified Lover-Borg. Borg Time Rush. Soulja Borg. The Grand Borg-apest Hotel. Borg-aritaville. I Woke Up In A New Borg-atti. Sponge-Borg Squarepants.

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Best 200+ Borg Name Ideas. January 24, 2024 by John Davison. Borg names are like codes for the characters in the Borg world. They mix numbers and letters in a special way, showing how the Borg are part machine and part living being. In this article, we will discuss Best 150+ Borg Name Ideas. We'll give you lots of cool and interesting names.

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Regardless of your liquor preference, there's a Borg recipe for you, and we're here to give you some ideas. Borg, short for blackout rage gallon, is a gallon jug of water partially dumped out and replaced with hard liquor and flavoring like Liquid I.V. or MiO. With liquor and flavored water as the base, the flavor combinations endless, which is why people love to Borg.

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CLEVER BORG NAMES IDEAS: 1. Certified lover borg. 2. Whos a good borg. 3. Justin Beiborg. 4. Borgasm 5. Borg this way.

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300+ Best Borg Names for College Parties. The name given to the borg is extremely important, as a creative, funny, or memorable name will get people excited to try it. The Borg name often hints at what ingredients are inside or the overall vibe of the drink. Coming up with a clever, unique Borg name has become something of a competition among.

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By exploring the realm of Borg Names, we delve into a captivating journey that ignites fresh enthusiasm and injects a flavorful and dynamic spirit into the college party scene. Borg Name Ideas Galactic Gala : A cosmic extravaganza where students come together to celebrate the wonders of the universe, adorned in intergalactic attire and.


These Borg Names Are Actually Hilarious. If there's one thing you can say about Gen Z, it's that they're extremely creative — even when it comes to partying. In the current college party world, classic traditions like toga parties have been replaced by themes such as ABC parties, Powerpoint nights, and the viral rhyme without reason theme.


10. Baby Borg 11. Big Borg 12. Billaborg 13. Bjorn Borg Borgana Le Fey 14. Borgan Wallen 15. Borg and Bougie 16. Borg and Ted's Excellent Adventure 17. Borganic Chemistry 18. Borganized Crime 19. Captain Borgan 20. Brown vs. The Borg of Education 21. Playborg Carti 22. Jim Borgison 23. J.P. Borgan 24. Luxemborg 25. Ruth Bader 26. Osama Borg.

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The most common names usually involve some play on the word Borg, whether it's a pun or just incorporating it into a popular pop culture reference. Here are some of the most iconic Borg name ideas that you'll want to copy: 1. The Incredible BORG. 2. BORG appetit. 3. Home DepBORG. 4.