Why Spray Tans Make You Look Slimmer? (2023)

Ever wondered why you feel, and look slimmer when your Spray-Tanned? in this short blog post ill explain why..

Why Spray Tans Make You Look Slimmer? (1)
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Now just a disclaimer.. by no means at all do I think not having a tan makes you less attractive at all! 'Angel Glow' is all about feeling comfortable in your own skin, I personally have one of the lightest skin tones, every skin tone on earth is beautiful because it is you (hope that makes sense). I rock my pale skin and I'm proud of it, but I have to admit when I'm going for a super glam look I love my Spray Tan because it can hide things like minor scratches or minor bruises ect.. and it makes me look like a glowing goddess :)

Now the reason why you look slimmer while your spray tanned is because your bone structure is now more defined, that's all it is.. as you can see in this photo above, the client's collarbone and shoulders structure is now a deeper colour than the rest of her body. Now there is shade and light. There is a contrast between where the bones are, thus now you can see the bones more prominently, this makes us look more toned.

Also with this contrast, you can now see how it's accentuating her shoulders with a healthy glow, this is exactly what we want.


Sometimes in Spray Tan solutions, there could be a good tightening ingredient or something like that, which may be helping a little, but in my opinion, I think its mostly just got to do with how the bones are more prominent and the body now has more contrast.

Now if I can get that in less then 20 minutes by just standing there getting sprayed... SIGN ME UP ANY DAY OF THE WEEK, NO MORE GYM FOR ME :P

Thanks for reading babes! xo

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I hope you found this helpful and informative.

any questions or enquiries about Angel Glow Spray Tans please text me - 0434 706 087

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